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Always a thrift…

I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket!” -Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Looking for a come up. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had it right. I have been thrifting since late 2005. I shop for cool little pieces, clothing, furniture, and sometimes fabric/textiles. It’s rare that I wear sneakers and I totally don’t own velcros. I don’t go to goodwill often but it is a stop to make. I generally don’t spend more than three-fifty for something unless it is ahhhmazing! I have gotten many things from the thrift store and I’m not ashamed, at all.

As they say, someone’s trash could be an others treasure. It easy to throw things away nowadays, there are always newer, nicer more updated things coming out. But what you replace could be exactly what someone wanted or needed. With that being said for those always wanting to get rid of things. Donating those things to a good cause would be helpful for those unfortunate. Yes, there is more involved to actually do this versus throwing your times away. Trust me I know! I had 6 bags to get rid of and a box of shoes. That is a lot to lug around versus throwing in my residential trash bin. Just remember it may not be immediate but you are passing it forward and someone is truly grateful. I donate my clothes as well and that does include items that I found thrifting as well.

I go thrifting for many different things but I have ended up with like a million dresses. I never even go in without something(s) in mind. This isn’t to say I always get what I’m looking for but I also never come out empty handed. My last haul consisted of an oversized sweater that I plan to rock this fall/winter, a black see-through top, a button down, groovy vest and jean overall dress. I still can’t even remember why I went in.

When you go thrifting you need to ensure you:

  1. Bring as little as you can into the store. I just have my phone, keys, ID and payment method. Nothing else – you need to focus! Warning, I’ve had friends set their valuables down in excitement to later forget where which isn’t a fun experience.
  2. Figure out if the store has dressing rooms (not all offer it) for example, my favorite store, Value Village doesn’t so I dress accordingly. I plan to dress this way every time I am on a thrift simply because it is easier to try things on without worrying or moving towards a fitting room, with certain pieces. I typically am in a tank and shorts or leggings. In the summer it may be a light sundress with some sort of spandex short under.
  3. Have a game plan, end game or goal. Even if it’s just finding one thing. I’m sure the price will convince you not to leave it behind. Sometimes if the item is pushing it on the price I look at my friend (little sister usually) and say is this cute? she responds and then I say “But it is such such price cute?” And her new answer helps me decide further. Try sticking to your budget but hey a deal is a deal, right?
  4. If it’s your first time, have a friend or family member there to help you attain your goal. Their support and opinion will help you find cool stuff that you will actually wear. FOR THE LOW! I have Nadia, my little sister. She is great and helping me save money when shopping. She is also great at picking things out that I will actually where. It’s like perfection!

Things I personally don’t buy at the thrift store are underwear, piercing jewelry, socks, shoes, swimwear, lingerie, most hats, and hosiery. I’m sure the items are cleaned at some point and ready for sale as they are ticketed on the shelf. Or I could be naive. And if so please let me be, I rather imagine the cleaning process, haha. Either way, I do not buy those items, I’m simply just too much into my own hygiene.

(pictures of these and other thrift pieces scattered throughout).

So I hope that you have been inspired to thrift. I hope you get out there and find something ahhhmazing! Feel free to share your stories or items you have found. I will be sharing more of my items on Instagram with #oythrifts Sharing is caring 🙂

xoxo oy



We went to the park, one of the better known parks in Charlotte. It’s called Freedom park and is known for the museum, pond, greenway and lastly ancient train that resides near the kids playground area. You can’t possibly miss the train if you venture in to the kids area. There are sport fields and lounge fields galore.

We love the park but tend to randomly walk down to the creek after a bit of exploring. I just prefer to be away from the masses. My anxiety can’t handle everyone leisurely moving in confusion. At least the park isn’t as bad as the mall, there they have to deal with impulse buyers as well.

freedom park creek

Getting in he water was an amazing feeling. It was already pretty hot and had found our little spot. We watched a cool video on Facebook of this man stacking rocks. It was beautiful and amazing to see what he was capable of doing.

So we started our own Rock sculptures.

creek balance1

Balancing rocks is an art form as well as a way to relax. I loved every moment of being there. Slipping on moss, focusing on balance as well as keeping my hand steady.

creek balance2

Until next time!

xoxo oy.

Meet Lily

My oldest and warmest creation! She’s got spunk and charisma! Catching drool and little curls from when I forget to wear a bonnet. She is quite the courageous little thing, roaring louder than the pride only at the age of 3 (not counting doll years). This is Lily, she is pleased to meet you!


Born with a cheerful face filled with laughter and love. She claims to be pet and child-friendly, however, her Frankenstein-like neck seems to always cause quite a fuss! Let’s face it the kids and fur babies just see a fun toy, not a little treasure.

It all started with my childhood. I remember growing up, all of my sisters had a bear or stuffed animal that they cherished. I didn’t have one. My twin sister had Elmo, whom her son now has. My older sister had a teddy bear named Brandon. My little sister had a goat named Antonio, he was the goat starred in Hunchback Notre Dame with Esmeralda.

So with the mixture of some creativity and sewing skills, now I have my own friend, one that can’t be duplicated. In case you were wondering, Lily is made up of linen and organic cotton and she doesn’t mind you squishing her at all. She is great, she loves meeting new people and going to see new places. She often travels with me on my journeys. She loves to take long walks on my pack and ride around the town.

Lily & I on the Brooklyn Bridge. NYC, NY

Maybe you will see us out and about while traveling! Feel free to stop and say hello.

Until next time! xoxo Oy