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What’s happening in Charlotte?

Want to move to Charlotte? Wondering what Charlotte Market looks like!

Here is a little teaser!

As a native I have seen Charlotte change so much – It’s crazy!

Throughout Charlotte, you’ll find all sorts of diamonds and gems to consider your new home. The lifestyle, culture, and neighborhoods truly make you feel at home. As developments and communities grow, it’ll only get better.

Pricing is rising, however, that is to be expected with all the growth and development. Right now things are a little slow, but will likely pick up as it usually does in the summer. This is a great time for buyers to hit the market with a game plan.

In any case, let me be completely honest with you. The waiting game is not what it’s cracked up to be. A $425k home could be $447k in a matter of six months! That’s all it takes! Six months can turn into thousands of dollars. Do you have a game plan? I do! 

Let me know if you want to chat about the market or your real estate needs! 🙂

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Looking to buy in NC?

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NC Real Estate Agent , chp 3 Section 3.

From real estate paralegal to real estate agent.

From passing closing documents to real estate contracts.

Oh my have I been through quite the roller coaster ride.

2 years ago – headed to the law firm.

Working for attorneys will teach you to three things: read everything twice, pay attention to detail, and lastly when in doubt just say you don’t know.

Your word is super important and I rather you be honest and knowledgeable than carelessly move forward with whatever.

Be sure to read through everything thoroughly. Lawyers are trained to clarify (usually in detail) and spice of language for contracts. Understand what you are signing.

Paying attention to detail can easily save everyone involved some time. Imagine recording a deed to a home and the Parcel ID or grantee name is wrong 😑. Simply mistakes happen but in this world you learn from them and they don’t happen again.

Real estate school is something else too! Some attorneys would even say the NC state test is harder than the BAR exam! 🤯 I can’t imagine. I would prefer going to school longer for this type of test. I also wish upfront cost were there for people to know as well.

Being a real estate agent is new for me. Just the agent part. I’ve been touring and working in homes since I was 8 or 10. Now I just have the luxury of helping people secure their home and their bag 💰.

I’ve watched this city grow and am excited to be a part of it. Welcome home y’all 🏡


Peace and love 💕

It’s getting cold.

I’ll just leave this here.

to all my loves, stay strong

It’s tiring, I know! It hurts, I know.
It saddens me to see an entire race still fighting for simple human respect, fairness, and justice.
It’s depressing to live this truth, day in and day out, knowing this is the world/government we live in.
It’s complete and utter bull—-, I know.

No matter what I have to stay calm at this moment.
I have to breathe in and out while I ache for those still fighting for justice.
In a place that we know to be home, the supposed land of the free.

Free for SOME to get away with murder.
“Free” as long as white supremacy exists.
Free for SOME to go jogging.
For SOME to freely wear a hoody.
For SOME to feel safe at home in their place of rest.

To not know THAT same freedom is scary.
To see the problems and live in it, as a black person, even scarier.
No matter we have to get through this.
We are more than capable, our ancestors have blessed us with this.
This fight, this strength, all come from the work made to bring you here.

I am here for you…
Lean on me, lean on each other.
Stand strong together.
This is not the end!