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What’s happening in Charlotte?

Want to move to Charlotte? Wondering what Charlotte Market looks like!

Here is a little teaser!

As a native I have seen Charlotte change so much – It’s crazy!

Throughout Charlotte, you’ll find all sorts of diamonds and gems to consider your new home. The lifestyle, culture, and neighborhoods truly make you feel at home. As developments and communities grow, it’ll only get better.

Pricing is rising, however, that is to be expected with all the growth and development. Right now things are a little slow, but will likely pick up as it usually does in the summer. This is a great time for buyers to hit the market with a game plan.

In any case, let me be completely honest with you. The waiting game is not what it’s cracked up to be. A $425k home could be $447k in a matter of six months! That’s all it takes! Six months can turn into thousands of dollars. Do you have a game plan? I do! 

Let me know if you want to chat about the market or your real estate needs! 🙂

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Choose Consistency

It all starts by building healthy habits and shedding bad ones. However, it only works when we stay consistent.

When things get tough, and you feel backed into a corner. Choose consistency! The moment you break and bow down to fear is the same moment you change the foundation from which you’ve laid. Being consistent will keep the flow of energy and stability. You need everything to be aligned for things to work for you. What is this energy?

Manifestations, intentions, and goals are all achieved by a few things. There is a lot of energy, hard work, and determination to stay on the desired path. I have seen this very thing happen; it is so heartbreaking! It doesn’t have to be you; it won’t be me anymore. Faltering is not an option this time.

Pick the path, passion, or goal. Figure out what steps you need to achieve said goal. Push, bend, slide, jump and run towards that goal. Consider your emotions to be distractions. They are not real. All toxic energy and triggers will arise, but you must be consistent. With consistency, there will be no need to mute the devil.

I’m excited to grow and shine with you all! I love you and wish you all peace whenever you are. Whatever life has thrown at you. You got this!

Relationships can work.

Relationships are tough! All of them — friends, coworkers, partners. This is going to get a bit wordy. I apologize in advance for those gasping at the length. However, I plan to share how I think all relationships can work. Now I’m not saying the meanie you know will learn and grow to be great, but I do hopes this helps.

There are so many different relationships to share with others. Do you regularly see the mailman? The same cashier at the gas station? Your boss, coworker, best friend, and the list goes on. These relationships all have basic commonalities. Communication, trust, work, and care are high on the list when working on relationships.

Communication is the most important part of this topic. If you aren’t upfront with your mood, how your day went, feelings, needs, wants — your partner may never know. So while you are carrying the weight of chores, kids and so on, they are oblivious to how much of a front you put on. It’s not easy getting everything done alone, ask for help or split it up. You don’t even know how many times communication will pop up in this post.

Money problems usually happen in relationships that are much more intimate. Be up front (communicate) and collaborate ideas and decisions when it comes to finances. Working with two incomes will always trump one.

Anything involving sex requires attention, communication and care. Sometimes the sex drives between two people aren’t the same, life has worn you down and you are tired. So many things can be an obstacle for your sex life. Make time to have quality intimate time. It’s important to you and your partner, even if it’s just a small amount.

Do you have kids? Share your time as well as together time. No one parent should only be in charge of the children’s wellbeing. Also, make sure you are on the same page as it is more efficient and helpful to each other. There shouldn’t be a good cop or a bad cop, just two equal parts.

Stress at work? Troubles like that take a toll on you! Heck, eight hours of your day or more are logged there. Make sure you are resolving issues with work, planning ahead for big projects, communicating effectively with your team. And if that’s not enough I’m sure your partner or friend (support system) can open an ear to hear you out. Venting feels good.

Share your frustrations as well as the things you find joy in. If you only talk about the bad things, I would get tired of talking to you too. Appreciate the small things and be sure to acknowledge them in a timely manner.

Chores are tough, but someone has to be the adults, right? Take turns doing things you don’t like. Or pick a day to do it each week so it becomes a habit. I promise, getting things done around the house goes a long way in her eyes. He’ll barely notice…I mean, most men may not.

Trusting in each other is another important thing. If you can’t trust your partner, then I ask “why”. You should be able to trust your partner to not hurt you intentionally and/or know that you can count on each other one-hundred percent.

Stress and anxiety that you are having is better to be said, let it off your chest. Sharing helps lighten the load. It also gives your partner advance notice of your current headspace.

Personalities are interesting, everyone is different. Get to know your partner or friend as much as you can. There will be little nuances and small things you may notice about their character and or preferences. Knowing this goes a long way when you want to do something nice for them.

What are your needs? Your partner’s needs? Whether it is meditating every morning or date night every week just know these things take compromise. You have to give and take on both sides, it’ll never be even. However, that is the point of love, the unconditional part.

Love is a challenge in itself. We naturally want to love. Sometimes it’s hard and I understand the different reasons why this could be. Think about culture, upbringing, views, morals, and so on. But if it’s a friend, partner, boss or what have you, just know it takes work on both sides.

I’m sure there is more to add to this but I leave that up to you. What things do you do to help your relationships work?

Until next time.

another year, new goals.

My goals this year did not become an exhaustive list that I will later regret. Instead, I decided to pick and chose things that are logical, challenging, easy and brave. A mixture of these things gives me various possibilities to be successful. All I need to do is stay focused and never give up.

This year I will be twenty-eight. This year I will also make ish happen.

I want to post on my blog consistently, start and run an online store and, start selling plush dolls. I have to push myself to put myself out there. The store will start off with just plush dolls and slowly grow to more things. I am not sure yet if it will have the same name. The dolls are still in prototype phase so bare with me on their announcement.

For my lifestyle, I would like to get in better shape, practice yoga, meditate, and start cooking more frequently. Who doesn’t love the idea of being the best you? I think about it on a weekly basis, there is always more! I also found this place, thanks to a friend, called Aerial Charlotte. A place where I get to be inverted by choice and play with silks. Gasp! Somewhere I must go. I plan to document my first visit and share, of course. Anywho, I just want to increase my health as much as I can with me getting older and all.

I need to save more and travel more; an odd pair to put together. However, achievable if I really put my mind to it. So I plan to do both, which means I need to be more frugal like me cooking more. There are so many other unnecessary things that I need to cut out. I will be watching a few minimalist videos to help with that.

The best for last, I need to read more. Scrolling through my phone or electronic device was never an acceptable substitute. I mean unless it is some sort of e-reader then we can talk. I just know that I need more time reading rather than scrolling. My goal is to do one book per month, maybe later start a reading club.

Anyway, those are my goals for two thousand nineteen. What are your goals? Feel free to share. Until next time 🙂