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Layer of Skin: my routine.

Melanin popping

I didn’t fall in love with my skin until about nineteen or twenty years of age. I didn’t start taking care of my skin until I was twenty-two years old. At that point in my life, I was working in hot kitchens. Being in heated environments will bring more attention to your skincare for sure.

Let your pores breathe! ✨

I remember always getting compliments about my skin. What I remember most was taking it for granted. I was starting to see moles, pimples, blackheads, freckles, beauty marks, and zits! It was madness!

I’m almost thirty, every year I learn something new. The time and care that I take with my skin have progressed. There is a lot involved with skincare. Your environment, food, water, stress, anxiety, and hygiene all contribute to the health of your skin. I don’t know how much water I drink in a day, but it’s a lot! Food is fuel – period! The environment is about the factors of nature. We need to adapt to what we have. If it is super hot and sunny, stay hydrated. Occasionally, find shade if possible and wear sunblock. Try keeping the stress and anxiety to a minimum. How do you say? Only focus/worry about things you can control. I’ll leave that to you, regarding what you can control. Perspective is forever changing, and to be honest, that’s none of my business.

Lastly, what we are all here for is skin hygiene. Here I will list out my routine for my weekly skin bath. It brings me joy to make this time for myself!

  1. Start hot bath! Feel free to use bubble bath, bath bombs, and etc.
  2. Sit and soak for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. With just my fingers I take my hands and massage my bottom half first.
  4. Next I scrub my bottom half with a coarse scrubby 🧽
  5. I repeat steps 3 and 4 on my top half. I also check my breast for lumps here and pay attention to my armpits.
  6. If I’m shaving, that’s where this starts.
  7. By this time the water is super nasty. You should have dead skin and dirt float with no more bubbles. Hair of you decided to shave.
  8. Drain the water, stand up, do a quick rinse.
  9. Clean (with soap) one more time overall and the water should be drained.
  10. Now do a last 2 minute hot rinse. It assures me that the lingering skin, dirt or hair is no longer on me and rinsed the soap of.
  11. I turn the water off and shake my booty cheeks so they clap. I try to avoid depending on a towel to completely dry.
  12. I dry my yoni then feet last.
  13. I let my pores breathe for a bit.
  14. I use Shea butter as my first application after my shower. It’s too heavy too put on open pores.

While doing all of this I try to be mindful of my week, my thoughts, goals. I even get into affirmations sometimes. Use this as your time. It’s amazing for me! Give it a try!

Make and take for yourself 🙃

Take care of yourself, and your skin will follow! Feel free to try any of the steps in my skip bath routine. Also, SHARING is CARING! Let me know what works for you. I would love to try out what you are doing!


animal rule #1

Do not lick your parts in my vicinity.

Not only is the sound disgusting but you are also loud and displeasing to the eye. As I politely correct the dog, I have to shut it down. Big hard pass.

Get a room, go find another area or just halt all licking. I would break if someone tortured me with that sound. Wouldn’t last long at all, ha.

Poop game!

You think I am kidding but my poop game is strong, proud to admit too! Regularly pooping is among the top things that make me happy throughout the day. It’s insane to read or hear I’m sure but it makes me feel more rounded and healthy in the day to count and make poop goals.

Don’t act as if women are fragile delicate china, 

we poop too! 

You better hope your public bathroom is not just one stall and/or it has a spray. I was thinking of asking for Poopourri for Christmas just so I can carry it in my purse – alongside my hot sauce. I mean at least I am considerate.

I love to poop. I don’t like to be rushed doing it nor do I like to hold off on doing it. Just as it comes naturally, I like to relieve myself the same way. I even tell TMI (too much information) when it’s relevant. 

I have a few questions as well, so try to keep up!

  • Am I the only one to look at my poop?
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t mind using the lue in public?
  • Why can’t we talk about poop? Is it a sacred subject?

My partner and I even have a game to where we ask about each others PC (poop count) – yes I said it. Judge me, agree with me and/or think it is disgusting, whatever you come to is more than fine with me. Just know that everyone poops and it’s okay to talk about it. Until next time my loves.

Xoxo oyy silly

You can’t polish a turd!

– Kenneth Turnbull