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What about the neighbors?

It was the middle of the night, all of a sudden there was a lot of noise outside. My sister and I were looked out the window to see a bright light. Suddenly we heard my mom under the sound yelling. We sneak out of bed to follow her voice right to the front door. We could now see where the bright light was coming from but we still couldn’t figure out the source. My mom started mumbling and pacing back and forth. The light was coming from our driveway.

Suddenly, a figure appears in front of the light. It was my dad with his earset on he shouted, “Honey, I can’t hear you with all the noise out there, what were you saying?”. My mom met him at the door with a tone, “Doug! Why cutting the grass right now?”. He replied with, “I really need to get this done. I have a lot to do tomorrow.” Her immediate response was, “What about the neighbors?” He replied, “What about them?”

My twin and I lost it, tears of bliss covered our cheeks as we laughed like hyenas. After further investigation, we determined the light came from his industrial floodlights he propped up in the yard. My sister and I stood there stone cold, in complete shock. My dad was in the front yard, cutting the grass without a care in the world. My first lesson of the day: when you have things to do, you’ve got to get them done. To witness this was truly a jaw-dropping experience of cutting the grass. He finished the yard, he shut everything down and he headed to bed.  We giggled until we fell back asleep.

Many on the block woke to speak nothing of that matter. Or maybe we just didn’t hear about it. Anyway, this is definitely a past time I will never forget. Can’t wait to see the story I have spun in a few more years. Until next time!

xoxo Bri