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Little devils in my mouth

Let me start by saying I am sorry I have been absent for about a week. Life has put an obstacle in the way. Two words to sum this up: “WISDOM TEETH”.

When I was younger, we were told “oh, they will be fine”. All four came in early during childhood, and apparently those little devils could stay. Fifteen years later, here I am sitting numbly on the couch, missing four wisdom teeth.

The pain was unbearable. Moaning without care or rhythm while I rock back and forth on the couch. I would say I am in a pain that extends outward to ones face. It brings suffering to those close that care most. They are devastated to see you in this condition. All I had was ibuprofen and various strengths of Oragel. I was trying my best to save face, tough it out and be a big girl, but damn it. Ready to scream: “Alright, line everyone up. I want all of you to punch me in the face.”

Tooth pain is no joke, not visible but bold and demanding as ever. These wisdom teeth had to go. This escalating pain had been with me for too long. This was not the life I wanted to live. Waiting to get these bad boys out was dreadful — no one had an early appointment. My original appointment was 4/26. At first, I was just like “whatever”, because the pain wasn’t so bad. When they started hurting, I was a completely different person. So then I knew that appointment wouldn’t work timewise, and that was way too long to go through that much pain. I was waking up in the middle of the night in tears because it was just so sudden. I was taking eight-hundred milligrams of ibuprofen and layering Orajel: Maximum, Severe and Severe PM. The numb feeling really helped.

Today I got those things pulled. Dr. Kevin Bond and his team are great. They made it smooth, comfortable and quick. It’s 5:30pm EST and I haven’t felt much pain yet. However, when it comes, I’m ready! Prescriptions were filled and are on stand by. I plan to be back on track this coming week.

    Dear Pain: 

Thank you for showing me yet another version of what pain is. However, we must part ways.


Thanks for reading, until next time.