Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day to those who live and love, regardless of your relationship status.

(noun) an intense feeling of deep affection
(verb) feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone

I love seeing couples jump through hoops to plan and surprise each other. Picnics by the fire, Netflix and cuddling, dinner reservations for two, a new furry addition to the family; all would be  ridiculously wonderful ways to spend the day. There are so many ideas running around everywhere on what is acceptable and romantic for your special someone. But what makes love any different today than it is any day? I personally don’t require anything extra on Valentine’s Day.

Love is kind.

I just hope that our effort to express our love doesn’t go unnoticed. Waking up on Valentines Day while in a relationship brings its own anxiety. Worrying about what to wear, dinner plans, everything running smoothly, hoping that person loves your gifts and if you meet their expectations; it is all totally exhausting.The question then becomes, if nothing goes your way or as planned does it mean you love or are loved any less? I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I totally understand those who cringe at the thought of the holiday.

The single life comes with a different set of expectations, emotions and mood for the day. Single life on this lovely holiday can bring out some testy, sad and lonely emotions. I love being “in love”, but not being “in love” doesn’t mean I can’t love myself or the other human beings that are a part of my life whether by blood relation or friendship. Not “being in love” also doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and enjoy yourself just like someone would that is in a relationship. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie, get your nails done, Netflix and chill, get a massage…the options are endless. Being single actually gives you the upper hand of doing everything exactly the way you want, how and when, eat what you want and dress for yourself.

So on the day dedicated to angels shooting hearts at people from the sky, I decide to play devils advocate and give you my true opinion on Valentines day. I don’t dislike or like the holiday. I may get one small or thoroughly thought out gift for my significant other or cook a romantic dinner to be in the spirit of things. But I refuse to stress and spend tons of money because the media has indirectly convinced me its a thing.

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than you own.” —H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

These days the act of love on Valentines Day is just for show, a way for capitalism to put a price on love; by making “love” a race to materialistic happiness. Buy him or her nice things, chocolates, flowers and the works, but does it need to be on one given day? Do we need to break our pockets for yet another holiday? This is not, at all, to take away from traditions, happiness, love or any positive outlook on the matter. I just like to put things back into perspective.

Over the years we have been trained to set  expectations, put in effort and make “goals” for Valentine’s Day. I just want us to remember that February 14th could be just like any other day of the year and we can and should express our love on a consistent basis.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day; everyone is entitled to do their own thing; spend money, plan, surprise or whatever you have to do to make love, make sense to you. The important thing is to live and love to the fullest without  letting materialistic things deter or sway you from the basic principles.

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves we find it within one another.” — Thomas Merton

Spread the love, give someone other than your “honey”, “boo”, or “bae” a hug or words of encouragement. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m sure you could brighten their day, even if it’s just for  a moment. Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!



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