For the love of March and April… First and foremost, my sincerest apologies to you all for I have been absent for some time, I hope that you can continue to join me here.

Life has caught up to me, in more ways than one. Not to sound like a broken record but life is tough sometimes, just as anything else can be. And as I constantly depend on organization and structure, through the madness, I came to neglect my passions, goals, and wants. That my friend is “no bueno” but while going through rough times we just have to have the knowledge and will power to keep moving forward. In the end, this chapter in your life will feel like a road bump or two instead of mountains weighing you down and that will make you stronger. Life itself is on going, so I too just need to keep going.

The drawing above was completed today and started yesterday. I found the oil pastels in my art tub and sadly I can say, this was my first time using oil pastels out of high school. Tell me what you think and for those that work with oil pastels, I’d love to hear your advice and techniques. I’m all about learning and growing.

For those also in the midst of madness know that no matter what you are going through, try to remember, someone out there is going through their own problems, some more pressing and dire than your own. And that someone maybe closer than you think. All you can do is make the best of it and control what you can, which is why I find no reason to publicize my past or current issues. And it’s totally okay to get stuck in a rut, I mean we are only human, just don’t stay there. Stoping only prolongs progress and result. In the words of Dory, just keep swimming. Until next time 🙂


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