open wide!

I hate going to the dentist, I can be a big baby about it too! It is one of my least favorite adult things to do. The stuff that smells like fingernail polish. the weird thing that makes me feel like a vacuum cleaner is stuck in my mouth. Waiting, being cold and having to stretch my jaw so wide, it makes me squirm thinking about it. Lastly, after all of that work and jaw stretching I wish my face didn’t look like I got in a fight with Mike Tyson.


Anyway, sometime in March, I had a fill-in. I was under the care of Kristen and Kaylee. Kaylee was super chill, nice and had very clear communication. She even brought me a blanket  – bless her. You guys know I was cold! By the way, I am super convinced that I received the VIP kid service. Maybe my boyfriend called ahead to warn them. Whatever happened it helped. Now I will just request the mouth/jaw block and sit still.

 This little guy was watching me the whole time, I had to be strong for him too. Since I am older I had to set an example, of course 🙂

My recent visit, last Monday, I was with Janneth and D. Burns. She is a lovely warm character that helped me feel less anxious. I even got to practice my Spanish with her, so for me, that was super fun!


Wednesday & Thursday I was still experiencing quite a bit of pian. My helpful friend brought me this thing (pictured above) so that I could see it better. It totally freaked me out to look at what possibly could have been dry-socket or an infection. and see if something was wrong. I also didn’t want my friend to be the first one to judge it, because I’m paranoid. So I excused myself for a moment and took a gander. I was sick to my stomach looking at it – it was ugly and disgusting. I wanted to take a knife and cut it off myself. I went to the dentist today and they claimed it is okay but could have a minor infection. Let me finish by saying, growing up is hard and taking care of yourself is vital, no matter how much of a baby you are. Get to it! Now that that’s all mostly taken care of I have just been relaxing more so it can heal.

Until next time!
XOXO – oy


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