Sun kissed skin

I love the sight of sun-kissed skin. Be sure to hold the sweat, so maybe earlier in the day. This Carolina heat will show you many different moods of hot. I want to share my favorite one with you.


Sun-kissed on any shade is beautiful! I hope that others also feel the way I do. To feel the sun’s rays warming up my dark brown skin soothe my soul with such ease. It warms my heart and clears my mind the way most feel when eating their Mama’s homemade baked mac and cheese. Feel free to imagine the drool on my face with my deer in the headlight eyes – quite ridiculous, if you ask me. The sun naturally provides happy vibes to help comfort our souls.

Not to avoid what most of you are thinking this time of year – It’s too dang hot! Without effort, you can catch buckets of perspiration by the minute here on the east coast. The kind of heat that’ll smack you or stop you dead in your tracks once you open the door. When I briefly went through hot flashes (a side effect of man made medicine), I wanted to crawl into a deep freezer. Not sure how some are able to manage through these episodes but geez, it was insane experience.

If you are new to the Carolina’s I am sure you have seen quite enough by now. Hold your horses though, there is a bit more to come. Spaking of heat, those who know me best cannot believe how comfortable and at ease I am in ninety-degree weather. You probably should avoid asking me if it’s hot. You can even catch me wearing my cardigan or jean jacket with comfort in this Carolina heat.


I want to shout out on the rooftops: “Bring it on Carolina you ain’t got nothin’!”, with the best southern accent, I can get out.

Regardless of your geographical location, I’d love to hear about your sunny feelings or even just how crazy the heat can. Until next time.

xoxo – Bri


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