Hosting our first party

So the party was a success. There was enough space for everyone and way too much food. Even with all the stresses I had before the party, everything turned out just fine. I will go ahead and disclaim that I wasn’t able to get any pictures. I am terribly sorry. My partner and I were both running around trying to make sure everything and everyone were well. I mean, how does my partner, a professional photographer, and myself not get any pictures. Aghhh! I was so upset with myself after.

Hosting a party can drain so much energy from a person. As a Gemini, it was definitely easy to bounce back between people and conversations. The minor and awkward request for tours, snacks and other random needs were hard to keep up with. I mean, there were only two of us. Oh, we even made a last minute playlist to have as background noise. I don’t recall hearing one song other than when babe got the wifi speaker to work.

Again, because it was a small party, we only invited those who helped us move and close family members. There wasn’t a theme of any sort because we prefer simple, and the architecture of our place in a way naturally provided the aesthetic. We had yellow paper and plastic utensils ready for everyone. Apparently, I overdid the menu – I told everyone I would have light snacks. My mom made a luxurious hearty salad. It was a hit to many. My twin sister made two trays of deviled eggs – which were devoured within the first two hours. The rest was up to us. We had a fruit tray, a cheese tray, and a chicken tray. My lovely Jennifer, the Queen of baking, made me a carrot cake (one of my favorite cakes). We managed to get rid of most everything before the party even finished. We had a selection of adult beverages, OJ for my lovely Paul, water and other quick drinks. It’s safe to say everyone was satisfied with the choices overall. Maybe next time I will question the menu a bit more haha.

The fur babies handled everything well. Tails, unphased, did her own thing, which consisted of lounging and hiding in different areas. Yana, on the other hand, didn’t know what to do with herself. She wasn’t and still isn’t used to having that many people over. Sniffing everyone, feeling them out and waiting for food to drop. She was all over the place.

Speaking of all over the place. Somehow amongst everyone arriving and hosting, Yana managed to sneak out the front door. Not to worry, she is fine now. Our front door sits right by one of the entryway stairs to our building. She could have run off, but Instead, she stayed nearby and guarded the area. It wasn’t until someone was trying to get by that we heard her barking. It’s as if she was watching over the entrance. It was a scary yet laughter-filled moment for the guests and me.

His family can’t stop talking about how Tails is such a unique cat. Her hair, her eyes – everything. If she could understand I’m sure her head would explode with compliments. His family is so cute. They make me want to hug them all the time. I want them in teddy bear form, hah!

My family was in awe in the space, how we designed it and history from the building itself. My maternal grandmother came and remembered that her family members actually worked in this facility when it was originally a cotton mill back in the day. We thought it was insane how me living here created a full circle of generations to occupy the space.

The gifts were greatly appreciated. We received a mixture of things that were listed on our Amazon list. I originally didn’t have a list online until my family and friends started to insist on it. I filled the list with small house needs and appliances. Plus I put house games in the mix to make things cheaper. Games like UNO, Scrabble, Monopoly and so much more. No one ended up getting them. They chose more useful gifts, which we still appreciated.

All in all, it was a success. I had a great time with everyone that came. The mood was great! Nothing seemed rushed and I didn’t have to host mindless games to entertain my guests. Everyone seemed to be satisfied with the company we had as well as the shared vibes of celebration.


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